How to Form a Corporate, School, or Community Team

How Do I Form a Team?
To form a team, simply ask friends, family, and coworkers to join you for AIDSWalk 2005. We recommend that a team consist of at least 5 people. However, a team with any number of participants is welcome. To receive a team packet, please call (518) 448-WALK, or use the on-line registration form and indicate that you would like to be a team leader.

Once you have designated a Team Leader, getting started is easy.

Register Your Team
Your team leader kit will include brochures and “Sponsor Me” buttons. The brochures have registration forms and sponsor forms included in them. Collect the completed registration forms and send them to us to officially register your walkers.

Organize and Motivate
Collect your team’s sponsor forms and money and bring to the Community AIDS Partnership during the week before the walk. Please call us at (518) 489-4130 for dates and location.

Arrange for a place to meet your team in Washington Park on the day of the walk. Wear team shirts or hats and display the name of your organization on a banner while you walk. Remember this is a non-competitive walk for person’s of all ages and abilities!

How to Participate in AIDSWalk 2005

Step 1 – Register Today!
Register online today! When we receive your registration form online, we will mail you a sponsor form and more details about the walk.
Step 2 – Find Sponsors!
Ask your family, friends, and coworkers to sponsor you for the walk. We encourage you to raise as much money as possible and collect the money when you sign up sponsors. This saves you from having to track down sponsors after the walk and speeds donations to AIDS service organizations. Checks should be made out to Community AIDS Partnership/CARES.
Step 3 – Walk!
AIDSWalk 2005 will begin at the Washington Park Lakehouse in Albany, New York. Check-in will start at 1 P.M. and opening ceremonies will begin at 2 P.M. Bring your completed Sponsor Form(s) and the money that you have raised to the walk.
Walkers who raise $500 or more
will receive a special thank you gift , be entered into a raffle for a chance to win 2 airline tickets and receive an AIDSWalk 2005 sweatshirt and T-Shirt.

Walkers who raise $250 or more
will receive an AIDSWalk 2005 sweatshirt and T-shirt.

Walkers who raise $100 or more
will receive an AIDSWalk 2005 T-shirt.

Overview of AIDSWalk 2005

What will bring together young people and adults, families and friends, neighbors and coworkers from all over the Capital Region? AIDSWalk 2005!

Please join us for the eight annual Capital Region AIDSWalk on Sunday, September 25, 2005 at 2 P.M. Last year over 2,000 people from Upstate New York participated in AIDSWalk 2004 which turned out to be the region’s largest AIDS fundraising event ever. This year AIDSWalk 2005 will take place again in Albany’s Washington Park. Participants will begin the walk at the Lakehouse and continue on a short route through the park. After the walk, entertainment, food and drinks will be provided. Awards will be given to the teams and individuals that raise the most money.

AIDSWalk 2005 raises urgently needed funds for the fight against AIDS. The money raised through this event will support the efforts of Capital Region AIDS organizations that provide AIDS prevention, medical care and support services. The National AIDS Fund has pledged to contribute a dollar for every two dollars raised from AIDSWalk 2005!

AIDSWalk 2005 provides a unique way to raise community awareness about AIDS in the Capital Region. Panels from the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt will be on display at the walk site. In addition, local AIDS organizations will provide educational materials.

More than fifty religious congregations will sponsor teams of walkers, and a number of local corporations and groups will sponsor walkers as well. Additionally, staff and volunteers from over twenty-five local AIDS service organizations will participate in the walk. The event will be a fun family activity!

The walk is a project of the Community AIDS Partnership of the Capital Region which is a consortium of local funders, persons with HIV/AIDS, community and business leaders, clergy and AIDS service providers in Albany, Rensselaer, Saratoga, and Schenectady counties. The Community AIDS Partnership is a program of CARES, Inc..

Please join us in celebrating the lives of people with HIV/AIDS and in supporting the work of our local AIDS organizations.

AIDS Walk Capital Region

Tips for Team Leaders

Motivate and Encourage Your Walkers

Now that you have formed a team, why not make the AIDS Walk something that your team members will never forget? Here are some suggestions for motivating and encouraging your team members.

Provide Incentives
Develop your own list of walk categories such as “walker who raised the most money,” “walker with the best (fill in the blank),” etc. Provide prizes for your walkers. Walkers will still be eligible for the main prizes on the day of the walk.

Picnics, Parties, & Social Gatherings
Throw a picnic in August to motivate walkers. Arrange an outing to a lake for your team. While you are there, give tips on how to get more sponsors. Celebrate your team’s accomplishments with a party after the walk.

Recognition of Walkers
Wear team shirts or hats and display the name of your team on a banner. List names of walkers in your bulletins and email newsletters. Have a plaque denoting the members of your team for 2011. Give a team photo to each of your walkers.

Periodically get updates from walkers. Give a friendly reminder call to motivate walkers and check progress. Make a colorful chart with DVD tools to mark progress. Set goals and have incentives to reach them.

AIDSWalk 2011 is a great opportunity to bring people together for a common goal!